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Why Mark Cockerell?

Talented, Dedicated, Caring, and Unselfish

"Mark’s love of skating is evident in his unique coaching style and devotion to his students. He makes the learning process a fun and positive experience. I loved working with Mark both as a young skater and as an adult. He’s truly an inspiration as athlete and coach!"

 ---Jenna Pittman-Bracrone

1993 US Juniorr silver medalist, and Olympic Festival silver medalist


"I watched the guys more than the girls because I enjoyed their strength and their triple jumps. Mark Cockerell inspired me to do the triple-triple when I was fifteen." Nancy just loves Cockerell!

--- Nancy Kerrigan

1994 Olympic silver medalist, the 1992 Olympic bronze medalist, a two-time World medalist, and the 1993 U.S. national champion.


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