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Trainings & Clinics

Customization of the programs more details. What makes this very special.


Featured presenter for all Clinics: Mark Cockerell, 1984 Olympian



Skater Focus


How to become a serious athlete and have fun during the process, master jumps without having to experience serious falls. Become proficient with jumping exercises to create muscle memory. Become a technician. Become a stronger-minded athlete. Learn the aspects of positive training versus destructive training. Learning how to use visualization. Learn how to stay focused within your abilities.



Parent Focus


How to be an asset to the team.

Parent -- Skater -- Coach Triad

Advise how circumvent common pitfalls that are inherent to

parent-skater-coach relationship. What is the right protocol for a supportive and working relationship with your coach.



Club/Arena Focus


How to build your numbers, develop programs, and form a vision for the future. How to build the perfect relationship between arena and club. How to create a competitive and supportive team environment on and off the ice.

Customization and creation of all clinics are planned with guidence with input from Mark Cockerell.


 Example 1-Day of Training Clinic:

  • 3-hours on ice group instruction for skaters/coaches

    • Jump technique - from basic to quadruple jumps

    •     Spins

    •     Interpretive skating

    •     Head, back, and arms presentation

  • 2-hours off ice which may include video class, motivation, competition preparation, off-ice jump and conditioning, recommended training schedule for all levels.

  • 1-hour general discussion and Q&A with club, parents and/or arena management.


* All sessions will be interactive with the participants as  coaching is done athlete to athlete.

* Recommended arena and club coaches are invited to participate at no charge.

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