Mark Cockerell

Wooster, Ohio  44691  • 661-714-1356 •



Job History Highlights

  • Skating Director for 8 years at the Quad City Sports Center in Davenport Iowa.

    • Developed specialized Hockey classes to make players – quicker, faster and better endurance. Developed all figure skating programs for the entire year including off ice, summer camps, clinics, competitions and shows.

    • Built a very large competitive program from nothing. Hired and trained entire coaching staff.

    • Figure Skating Club of the Quad Cities was one of the fastest growing clubs in the United States in 1995-1996, over 300 members.

    • Developed  club and rink programs in the Mid West that was highly respected and sought after.

    • Brought 2 Upper Great Lakes Regional Championships to our arena and a new respect for skating in Iowa.

    • Developed, choreographed and directed 4 shows a year – Black Tie on Ice – (raised over $50,000 for the arena), Bix Jazz Festival, Holiday Pops at The Mark of the Quad Cities, and my Learn to Skate Recital.

    • Designed original Learn to Skate format that challenged the  ISI and USFSA, saved the arena money and developed and retained better skaters.

  • Coached many regional, sectional, Junior, national, and international skaters.

  • Summer programs brought skaters from all over the country, they were similar to USOC. Programs for skaters included information from nutrition, constructive vs destructive traing, techniques of how to compete under pressure.

  • Served the PSA as an examiner and gave coaching clinics around the country

  • Coach’s chair for 3 years with U.S. Figure Skating

  • Served on 7 committees for U.S. Figure Skating

  • Passed Masters Rating in Freestyle from the PSA in 1999

  • Extensive International Competition expereience



Competitive Skating Achievements

  • Member of the 1984 U.S. Winter Olympic Team

  • 1983,1984,1985 Member of the U.S. World Team

  • 1976 World Jr Champion  – Megeve France

  • 2 time bronze medalist at the World Professional Championships in Jacca, Spain

  • 1976-1985 Member of the U.S. Figure Skating International Team, 13 International competitions

  • 1975 National Novice Men - 2nd

  • 1976 National Jr. Men - 2nd

  • 1983 National Sr. Men - 3rd

  • 1984 National Sr. Men - 3rd

  • 1985 National Sr. Men - 2nd

  • 1981 National Sports Festival - 2nd

  • 1982 National Sports Festival - 2nd

  • 1983 National Sports Festival - 1st


  • 6 World Championships.

  • 1st skater in world to do a triple/triple jump combination in the Olympics

  • 1st skater in the world to land a quadruple jump - 1982



Professional Skating

  • 4 World Figure Skating Tours

  • 2 Superskates in New York City

  • 6 years as principal skater for Disney on Ice World Tours

  • 1 year as principal skater – Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades

  • 1 tour with Scott Hamilton’s Stars on Ice



  • Frank Carroll

  • Betty Berens

  • Kathy Casey

  • Janet Champion




1984 Invited to the White House, had lunch with Present Ronald Regan

1984 City of Los Angeles Community Betterment Award

1988 Formal tea with the Queen of England in Melbourne, Australia for Disney on Ice

1988 Spent an evening celebrating with Sir Elton John on his birthday