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   In all my years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with and paid close attention to some of the best coaches in the United States. I have taken this knowledge and refined it even more to find ways to not only master jump and spin elements, but to do so quickly without taking the terrible falls along the way. I absolutely believe it is possible to develop, learn difficult jumps and land them without ever taking a serious fall. If a skater understands the mechanics of what to do, then there are no limits to what they can do.


   My on and off ice classes are informative, motivating and fun. I take the time to make sure my skaters fully understand what they are doing; they become technicians so as to learn from their mistakes, become more consistent. I ask lots of questions and I always coach athlete to athlete. I hear from coaches and parents all the time, “Mark your skaters never seem to fall very much” This is part of my training methods all the way up and through the most difficult triple jumps. If you are not taking hard falls, and when you do fall it is correctly without pain, then the skater is much more confident and will be more aggressive in their attempts.


   I have always believed there are no limits and it is not about talent, nor is it about winning – it is about a personal best each and every time. I will take the hard working, limited talented skater every time over the talented and non-hard working skater. I can and will make every skater better than they ever thought they could be and we will have fun doing it. I will reduce any chance of serious injury with proper preparation.  I will give the knowledge to succeed with constantly setting and achieving goals.


   I am a specialist at building programs for arenas and clubs. My custom built programs are designed around your needs and will increase club numbers, increase revenues for both club and arenas and bring an air of excitement where skaters are motivated to come and skate.  Skaters will go from skating 1-2 times a week to wanting to skate every day.   

One weekend will make all the difference in the World!


Experience is not expensive – It is priceless!                          --- Mark Cockerell

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